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    Today we are talking about "settling."  Sometimes we have dreams and aspirations that didn't quite work out so we settle for less than what we had hoped for.  Sometimes this settling is realistic or a satisfying compromise.  But sometimes settling leads to depression because we didn't go for the things in life we really wanted.


    I wrote a poem long ago about all those things I really wanted to do...but kept putting them off.  I am actually grabbing hold of one of those "maybe someday" dreams right now by pursuing my love for writing.  For some aspirations, it is not too late.

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    put all the maybes, and soons, and we will sees
    and put them in a ziplock bag for me
    the half gallon size should do

    place the bag in the crisper
    keep it fresh and away

    from bananas

    open up the fridge
    and know they are in there

    to be mixed into the souffle
    of half baked proportions
    and sunken dreams


    So what about you?  Are there any areas in your life where you feel you have "settled" for less than you desire or deserve?  Here is your chance to tell your story or express your feelings in a poem, an image, or even song lyrics. 


    Note:  Always cite sources for quotes, poetry, etc which you did not create yourself.

Published On: January 20, 2010