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    Chat Feedback?


    Just wanted to touch base about the chats that we had on Tuesday.  I really enjoyed both of them and talking to all of you!  I would definitely like to do this again but wanted a bit of feedback.  Do you all like having a topic for the chat or do you like having an open sort of forum just to talk about whatever is on your mind or a little of both?  I want to make these chats what you want.  And were the times good? 


    What's in Store?


    I had the honor of interviewing Kay Jamison, who is the author of "An Unquiet Mind" and now "Nothing was the Same."  Her newest book is a personal memoir about the grief she experienced after her husband died of lung cancer.  I felt an instant connection to this author and found her words healing.  If you are unfamiliar with Kay Jamison as an author, she is the Professor of Psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and has written for decades about her firsthand experience of coping with Bipolar Disorder.  This is an interview you don't want to miss and I will be posting it on Monday.

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    And More...


    Here is more of what is happening on My Depression Connection and other Health Central sites.


    *  If you haven't read John-Folk-Williams post, "How do Men Experience Depression?" there is no time like the present!  It would be great to get a discussion going on this especially from our male members.  Please feel free to share your experience with us.


    *  Have you ever heard of Hippotherapy? doesn't have anything to do with hippos!  It is a special kind of therapy for kids with developmental delays, physical disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, or ADHD.  I talk about my son's experience with horse therapy on ADHD Central.


    *  Who is afraid of flying?  Raise your hand!  I have always been terrified of flying but I have tried to face my fear head on by getting on that plane.  Here is the story of my first flight after taking a hiatus from flying for fifteen years.  One way I cope with fear is through humor.  Come and read about My Phobic Adventures:  Fearful and Flying.


    *  If you have a child who has special needs it can be daunting to find activities in the community to get them active and involved with other kids.  I talk about community resources and and fun activities one can find right in your town for your child with learning disabilities and/or special needs.  Find out more about community integration here.


    I hope you all have a wonderful evening or day (for those in other time zones).  Thank you to everyone who makes this community so strong.  Keep reaching out to others who may be in need of support.  Everyone here (and this includes myself) is going through or has gone through their own personal life struggles.  Keep on being kind and compassionate.  Words are so very powerful.  We have all been there when words can slice and dice right through our soul.  Use words here to inspire, uplift, and reach out to help your My Depression Connection neighbor.  You never know when your words may change someone's life.  It may even be your own.




Published On: January 28, 2010