Feeling Helpless with Depression

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  • Hi everybody!


    How are you all doing?  I am feeling topsy turvy myself.  Not sure if I am coming or going. I feel like I need to sprout roots and just hunker down.  My moods are tossing me about like ship lost at sea. 


    But I digress...


    Onto our question.


    My question for you this week is:  What was the last thing to make you cry?


    For me it was something I read in this little book I got at the library called, "Post Secret:  Confessions on Life, Death, and God."  In case you are not familiar with the concept of Post Secrets...people send their secrets anonymously...usually by postcard I believe to an address posted on the Post Secret website which was created by a dude named Frank Warren.  The idea took off like wild fire and...he now has books and some of the post secrets have even been shown in a museum.  It is just fascinatiing stuff.

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    Anyways...I was going through this book and for example...one person wrote as their secret, "I had my dream wedding with the wrong person."  or "I'm starting rabbinical school and I love bacon."


    But...there was one I read where I had to put down the book and cry. 


    It reads:  "I can't kill myself because I'm worried that the kids with autism I work with will wonder where I am."


    That just...tore me up.  I have a kid with autism and...too I had worked for many years with people with multiple disabilities.  During some of my worst times...I did think such things...that I need to be here because some people...would just never understand.


    Oh...I am crying now.  Dang it! 


    Your turn!  I want to hear your story.

Published On: February 02, 2010