Figuring Out Love with Depression

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  • Hi everybody!


    Whoo I am tired today.  This weather makes you feel tired.  Is everyone sick of snow?  Not sure who is around today...y'all might be too busy shoveling out your driveways. 


    Since it is almost Valentine's Day why don't we have a conversation starter about that.


    My question for you is:


    How do you know know if someone loves you?  I think when we are depressed we tend to think that we are unloveable and that nobody loves us.  Most times this just isn't accurate.  I think it is good to realize that the people in our life may show love in different ways.  Maybe a sign of love is that your partner takes the garbage out.  Maybe your pet shows you love by waiting for you at the door.  Maybe a friend shows you love by calling you up just to talk.  What do others do that make you feel loved?  or what do you wish they would do so you would feel loved?

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    We will start with this but please feel free to talk about whatever you have on your mind today.


    I will be here!

Published On: February 09, 2010