Member Medication Review: Paxil

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  • Hey all!


    It is time for another member medication review where you get to tell us what it is like to take a particular antidepressant.  This week we are going to review Paxil or Paroxetine.


    Here is our information on-site about Paxil.


    If you are currently taking this medication can you answer a few questions?  It would certainly help others who may wish to take Paxil and want to know what the experience may be like for them.  Remember, though, that we all respond differently to taking medications and what works for one person may not work for you.

    1. What was your experience like taking Paxil?

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    2. How long did it take until it "worked" for you?


    3. What improvements did you notice?


    4. What were the side effects if any?


    5. If you quit taking this drug what was the reason? And did you suffer from any withdrawals?


    Thanks to all who participate in these reviews!



Published On: February 11, 2010