Depression: Worried That You're Too Dependent on Medication?

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    A theme has come up in our discussions and shareposts about medication.  So let's talk about it honestly.  Do you worry that you are too dependent upon taking medication for your depression?   I think this may be one factor in why some people choose to not take medication or else stop taking medication is that they fear being too dependent upon it.  But the thing is...if you had asthma or diabetes and you needed meds...would you not take them?  Or do you see mental illness as totally separate from medical illness?

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    Right now I am taking a supplement for my depression, SAM-e.  It is working for me.  I have no desire to stop it.  I have done so in the past only to be sent sinking.  I am glad to have found something which works for me.  I am totally not worried about being dependent upon this supplement.


    Thoughts on this topic?





Published On: February 11, 2010