Letting Go of Expectation Can Improve Mood

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  • Hi everybody!


    And so it is Friday.  Is Friday the best day of the week?  What do you think? 


    My reflections on the week:


    My word for this week is, "whatever."  Do I care about things?  Sure.  I care deeply but sometimes you just have to let go.  Let go of expectations.  Let go of end results.  And just be.  "Whatever" can be a sneering proclamation of "I care but things are not going my way so I am going to act as though I don't care."  But it can also be honest as in..."whatever"...I admit my vulnerability.  I admit my lack of control and I am willing to confess that I cannot do it all or be it all.  Whatever...I am not superwoman.  Whatever...I am weak.  Whatever...sometimes I am on my knees due to my depression.

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    And...whatever is...that is okay.  Acceptance is not giving up...it is the true path to empowerment.  Giving up control and the ideal of perfection is the healthiest thing one can do. 


    Okay so let's talk about you.


    1. On a scale of one to ten how was your mood this week?


    2.  What was the best part of the week and the worst?


    3.  What steps have you taken this week to improve your mental health?  How have you been kind to yourself this week?


    Thank you to everyone who makes this site such a supportive and honest place to be.  I strongly encourage those who read but don't comment to come out and share of yourself.  It can be a very healing experience.


    I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I also want to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!


    Peace and love to you all.



Published On: February 12, 2010