Community and Support Help with Bouts of Depression

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  • Hey everybody


    Well...there is a reason I write about depression.  It is because I have it.  I like to give folk a heads up when I am suffering a bout of bad depression just so...people know what is going on.  Mostly I want you to know I care and that it is not my intention to be neglectful.  I just need to get myself together and I will be back...good as new.  Could be this afternoon or a few days.  I am not sure.


    You guys are doing so great.  I love how you are helping each other.  We are like buoys in the water...staying afloat and helping each other to keep our heads above water.  So keep doing what you do.

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    Thank you for being so understanding with me and with each other.  I have always said that the best anti-depressant is connection and support.  Give someone in need a kind word today...they may need it far more than you know.


    I will be back before you know it.



Published On: February 17, 2010