Dealing with My Own Depression and How I Survived

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  • Hi everybody!


    I took a little  break there from the site as I was dealing with my own depression.  I am still not a hundred percent but I am doing a whole lot better and that is good enough for me.  What helps me during my depressive episodes is to focus on the things I can in getting enough sleep, eating right, and taking care of myself.  I like to keep things to a simple minimum so I can focus on survival.  Stillness and quiet help.


    Know that I was here in spirit and I want to thank you all for all the support.  I was really touched by your kind words.  And I am so glad to see that you all have been reaching out to one another.  We need this spirit of community to keep going no matter what.  So do keep being kind, patient, and compassionate towards one another.

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    So today is a new beginning!


    I will be posting this afternoon and will be responding to all your comments, shareposts, and questions.


    Grab my hand and we will rise up from this depression...together.


    It is good to be back.



Published On: February 22, 2010