Is Isolation Hurtful or Helpful for Depression?

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    Hi everybody!


    It is time for a question for discussion...are you ready?


    One of our writers here, Jerry Kennard, just wrote a post, "10 Self-Help Tips for Depression."   One of the suggestions mentioned was to "avoid isolation."  I wanted to discuss that one because quite frequently, some isolation, is one of my strategies for getting through a depressive episode.  But perhaps my meaning of the word is different from others.


    They say that introverts derive energy from being alone, and extroverts derive energy from being with people.  I am an introvert but I also love connection and being with people.  Yet there are times when I simply must rest from any social activity or I will become extremely stressed.  When I am depressed it is even more critical that I have time away from people so that I can re-energize and re-group.  Then when I feel better, I can come back with a full tank of energy.  It is kind of like being one of those video characters who has run out of hearts or other energy supply.  You have to refuel somehow and I find that for me...resting from social activities helps a lot.

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    But is this isolation?


    What is your definition of isolation?  When is it restorative and when does it become detrimental to one's mental health?


    Let us know what you think.  There are no right or wrong answers.

Published On: February 23, 2010