How to Spot Spam on the Internet

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  • Before I launch into a "Midweek Muse" I wanted to talk about a topic which makes me want to toss my cookies and that is SPAM.  And I am not talking about the kind in the can (I have actually eaten spam and it isn't so bad!)  Some of you have been commenting that there has been spam in the comments and posts.  You are not hallucinating.  I see it too.  I personally loathe spam.  You guys are here for help and support, not to be spammed. 


    Please know that this issue is being worked upon as we speak.  I am so sorry if any of your posts have comment spam.  I am hopeful that this problem will be resolved soon.

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    While I am on the topic of spam I did want to share a little story.  You will understand my meaning at the end.  I once moved to a new neighborhood when my boys were babies and I was eager to meet other moms and make friends.  I was at a playground one day and met this mom who seemed to want to talk with me and I thought we made a great connection.  I gave her my phone number and was thinking about how nice it was to make a new friend.  So she calls me one day and I was happy to hear from her.  She wanted to get together.  I was all set to get the boys ready to go when she tells me that I should bring some money with me as she was selling make-up.  When I told her that I didn't want to buy any make-up she quickly ended the conversation and hung up the phone. I thought I was making a friend.  She thought she had a new customer.


    Has this ever happened to you? 


    Why am I telling you this?  Because there is spam that is readily identifiable.  You look at it and you know instantly that it is spam.  But there is some spam which is not so evident at first.  The individual may present themselves as a regular member.  But they write in such a way as to let you know that they have the answers.  They have a special cure for what ails you.  The "help" may be a special product or their personal service.  They will be your friend...for a price. I have been on the Internet for a long time and I can spot this sort of thing from a mile away. 


    There are those, unfortunately, who will prey upon people who need support for their medical or mental condition.  I find this to be the most heinous type of spam. 


    There is a big difference between someone who is just excited to share what has worked for them and someone acting as though they are your long lost friend just to sell you something. Use your discretion about this and trust your gut.  Connections take time to build and this includes trust.  Take your time to get to know someone.


    Please be cautious about giving out your personal information.  Get to know the person before trading email addresses or phone numbers.  I suppose I am overprotective in some ways.  But I do care and wanted to share my thoughts on this topic.


    In case anyone wishes to look at our terms of service here they are. 


    And if you ever wish to contact us here is information of how to do so.


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    And now for something completely different...A Midweek Muse (a little inspiration to get you over the hump).  Well since we are already talking about spam why don't we make it our topic of conversation?  Who remembers the Spam skit and song from Monty Python? 


    Here is just a bit of it to jar your memory.  The following comes from Monty Python-Monty Python Sings:

    "Wife: Have you got anything without spam?

    Waitress: Well, the spam, eggs, sausage and spam
    That's not got much spam in it

    Wife: I don't want any spam!

    Customer: Why can't she have eggs, bacon, spam and sausage?

    Wife:  That's got spam in it!

    Customer: Hasn't got much spam in it as spam, eggs, sausage and spam has it?"


    Just imagine, I am so old I remember spam as a food and not as an Internet plague.  But then again I also remember card catalogs, records, and when we only had 3 channels on TV, four if we were lucky!  So what are your thoughts about spam?  Do you have a story to tell about this topic?  Humor will be much appreciated.  Has anyone ever tried to eat spam from a can?  Do tell all. A little levity may help ease our frustration. 


    Humor aside, please do know that we are working to address the spam issue.  If you are seeing spam or having technical issues on our site please don't hesitate to let us know.




Published On: February 24, 2010