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  • Hi everybody!


    It is time to review the week and see what we have to say about it.  My week was filled with medical appointments.  Somehow I managed to schedule three appointments in one week, got my annual physical done, saw my lovely dermatologist, and also saw my beloved physician assistant at the neurology hospital.  But guess what?  After sitting in all the doctor's offices I am sick.  "I have a told in my doze"  Translation for people who are not sick:  I have a cold in my nose.  I am feewing vewy vewy sick.  Okay so that was some Elmer Fudd.  I think I will get myself some soup.  But no spam.  Unless of course it is spam, eggs, sausage and spam which isn't a lot of spam.  Or a thin mint wafer (indulgent Monty Python reference).

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    Okay now!  Moving right along...


    Enough about merely me...it is time to talk all about YOU!


    How are you doing this week?


    1.  On a scale of one to ten...with one being the absolute worst and ten making you shout, "Hot diggity dog!" rate how your week has gone.


    2.  What has been the best and worst of this week for you?


    3.  What have you done to be kind to yourself this week?


    4.  I have added this one to our list.  If you have a vent about anything...get it out!  Go ahead.  Write it out and leave it here so you can move on with your day.


    Thank you to all who participate here.  We love to hear from you!



Published On: February 26, 2010