Anger Can Be a Component of Depression

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    How did it get to be Wednesday already?  Who is fooling around with time?  So much to do!  So I am getting my midweek muse out early this week. 


    The theme this week is ANGER!


    In case you have not yet read John Folk-Williams post entitled, "A Man Depressed-Controlling and Out of Control"   I would urge you to do so.  It was a very courageous post detailing John's experience in struggling with his anger during his depression.


    We tend to think of depression as someone sitting there crying but quite often there is an anger...even a rage...simmering below the surface of all the despair. 

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    I wanted to talk about ways of expressing that anger creatively. 


    Pick any, music, dancing, writing...and you will see anger being expressed in the creative arts. 


    Here is a poem I wrote long ago about my envy of men and how they can express anger so much more...directly than I can.  I am going to just put this out there but it is my opinion that anger is a much harder emotion for women to express than men.  Whereas for some is harder to express vulnerability and tears...for some women it is difficult to show that they feel anger because we have been taught that it is 'unladylike" or that we will somehow be thought of as a b**ch. (rhymes with witch). 


    But it is hard to keep that anger all bottled up inside.  For many women, I think we take the anger out on ourselves. 


    Sometimes I wish I had the strength to punch a hole in the wall (not that I would actually do it...but just to have that physical power).  Or I wish my voice were commanding or people would take me seriously when I am angry.  It makes one feel helpless.  Anger can be a very destructive force.  So we all, men and women, have to figure out how to express it in a safe way.


    Here is the poem I wrote on the topic



    I envy men their fists

    swollen passion and rage

    enough to knock down buildings

    bullet hands

    hard and aching

    begging for release

    and me

    my softly padded paws batting

    at the sunlight spots

    nobody sees


    How about you?  Is there any anger or rage lurking below the surface of your depression?  Want to express it?  Share an image, artwork, a poem, a piece of writing, or other form of creative expression about anger.  We want you to share!



Published On: March 03, 2010