Chatting about Grief and Depression

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  • Hi all!


    Just wanted to let everyone know ahead of time that I will be hosting a chat session with you all on:


    Tuesday March 9, 2010 from 2-4 pm and also from 7-9 pm standard eastern time.


    We will be focusing on the topic of how to handle grief and loss.  We can discuss any aspect of grief such as:  The death of a loved one, parent, or even a pet.  We can talk about the loss of a romantic relationship.  And we can even discuss the grief over losing a job. 


    And of course if you want to just talk about what is currently going in your life our chat session is open to discussing whatever you feel you need to talk about.

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    Thanks to all who participate in our conversations and I hope to see you there!



Published On: March 04, 2010