Member Medication Review: Lithium

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  • I'm so happy 'cause today
    I found my friends
    They're in my head
    I'm so ugly, that's okay
    'Cause so are you
    Broke our mirrors
    Sunday morning is everyday
    For all I care
    And I'm not scared
    Light my candles, in a daze
    'Cause I've found God


    Lyrics from "Lithium" by Nirvana



    Hey everybody


    We are going to continue our member medication review by discussing a medication commonly used for Bipolar Disorder and that is Lithium.


    If you have ever taken Lithium could you tell us about your experience?


    1.  How long did it take Lithium to "work" for you?


    2.  What was your experience like taking Lithium?  How did it feel?

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    3.  Did you experience any side effects taking this medication?


    4.  If you stopped taking Lithium were there any withdrawals?


    Thanks to all who participate in our member medication reviews.  Your input really matters.  Next week we may begin our review of alternative supplements.  So stay tuned!







Published On: March 04, 2010