Understanding Your Mood Disorder

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    A little inspiration to get you over the hump


    The theme this week is "Wild Things "


    I just watched the move, "Where the Wild Things Are" and I really enjoyed it.  It is slightly based upon the childhood book by Maurice Sendak but it is a very in depth psychological romp into some pretty heavy subjects in my opinion. 


    Has anyone seen it?


    When you are feeling depressed it is possible that you may feel like a "wild thing", something not human, uncouth, and wild. 


    Do you ever feel like a wild thing? 


    Here is my poem about feeling like a "wild thing" and I hope to see yours.

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    Wild Thing


    Dangerous to touch



    and Unknown


    Feel my disease

    Sadness seeping

    Filling your veins


    Who am I?

    You don't know

    Doesn't matter,

    I could be you.


    Seamless, I rip

    You open


    Belly up

    My story is yours

    You know the words

    Before I write them


    Wild and free

    Just an illusion

    Trapped,  I bleed

    Just like you.


    Now it is your turn.  Have you ever felt "wild" as though you were some beast because of your mood disorder.  Have you ever felt less than human, willd, or like you needed to escape?  Have you ever felt like you were contagious or infectious because you suffer from depression? 


    Express it here.  You can share an image, poem, piece of writing. or simple comment.  We love to hear from you!  This is a safe place to explore your feelings.



Published On: March 10, 2010