Depression: I Will Be Happy When . . .

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  • Well hello there!


    How are you guys doing?  I am still sick with some cold.  I had gotten rid of one and then a new one came to take the place of the virus that left me.  I bought some cold meds at the store today and I was in a little stupor from my cold and the clerk asks me for my birthday.  I am like "what???" as I am so used to being asked everything else from my zipcode to my phone number.  I said out loud, "Now y'all want to know my birthday too?"  The guy was real nice about it and explained that anytime someone buys cold medicine they have to get the age of the person because there is alcohol in some of the meds.   This is a new one on me. Anyways I guess it was flattering or annoying depending on your perspective.

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    So yeah I have my alka seltzer cold plus.  My mind is in such a fog I think a half an hour has passed since I wrote this paragraph.


    Okay enough about moi.


    It is time for the question of the week.  Sound the trumpets!


    My pre-question to THE question is:  Where is everybody?  Is it the spring weather?  Too much talk of death and dying?  Too busy watching American Idol?

    Anyways if you haven't been here in awhile, come back!  We absolutely want to hear from you.  Let us know how you are doing. 


    The Question of the Week is a fill in the blank for you to answer.

    Finish the following sentence:  I will be happy when..... (what needs to happen) or I would be happy if....?  What conditions have you placed upon your happiness?


    I am very curious to hear what you have to say. 


    Talk to us!

Published On: March 16, 2010