What Consistently Makes You Smile?

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  • HHi everybody!



    Before I ask my question of the week I did want to tell you that there is a birthday girl in the house!  That's right...today is our beloved Judy's birthday!  So please do come and share your birthday wishes.  And do indulge in some virtual birthday cake.  Zero calories! 


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDY!  I hope you are having fun on your special day.  Please know we love you and appreciate all you do for this site.


    (If there is anyone else with a March birthday let us know and we can announce it here.)


    Okay...now for a question.


    How about two?  One is totally off topic.  Who do you like on this season's Dancing with the Stars?

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    All righty...now seriously folks


    What is one thing in life that almost always makes you smile?


    I hope you all are having a great Tuesday.  I will be coming by shortly to read all of your posts.  Thanks for contributing your time, care, and support on My Depression Connection!



Published On: March 23, 2010