A Scavenger Hunt for Depression Terms

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    The theme for today's Midweek Muse will be... (drum roll please)  FUN!


    How about some mindless distraction?  As in a game?


    1.  Crack the code to unveil a secret message:(click on the links for clues!) The first letter of each word will spell out the message.  The message is a phrase from a popular holiday movie.


    For example if the clue is a type of animal that barks.  The answer is dog and the first letter is "D" which is part of the phrase.  Get it?  Let's begin!


    Whew!  That was harder than I thought.  I hope you laugh when you crack the code.  See if you can get all the answers right!

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    BONUS :


    How many words (three letters or more) can you make out of the word:  ANTIDEPRESSANT?


    Let's see if you can create any that nobody else thinks of.


    Hope you don't mind the lightheartedness of this post.  Sometimes I think we all need a little distraction...something to get our minds off the serious stuff and also exercise our minds.  It is true with brain cells too...just like muscles...use them or lose them. 


    Happy Wednesday!





Published On: March 24, 2010