New Depression Breakthroughs: Medicine and Therapy

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  • Some of you had requested more news on My Depression Connection. So I scoured the headlines to bring you some topics of interest that we may discuss.

    • First up: Medical News Today reports about “Anethesia Drugs, A Possible Cure For Depression?”  They cite a small study which indicates that anesthesia can relieve depression in some patients: “Researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health discovered that administering a single low dose of an anesthesia drug produced almost immediate relief from depression in a small study group of patients that did not respond to any other type of depression therapy.” The drug they are looking at is called Ketamine. Sounds good so far.

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    But…(there is always a but) the bad news is: “However, due to possible severe side effects, including psychosis, Ketamine is unlikely to be approved for use in the treatment of depression.”

    Thoughts on this?

    • Science Daily reported back in January that “Deep Brain Stimulation Successful for Treatment of Severely Depressed Patient.” Now I am not going to pretend to understand the science behind this method so you will have to read up on it yourself. The article talks about the experience of one patient who has had treatment resistant depression for decades: “The 64-year-old woman, who had suffered from depression since age 18, could not be helped by medication or electroconvulsive therapy. Since the procedure, she is for the first time in years free of symptoms.”

    This deep brain stimulation has been used successfully for patients suffering from Parkinson's disease or other movement disorders.

    I know that at least one member here has commented that they have had this type of treatment. If anyone has had deep brain stimulation please let us know about it. I might like to interview you.

    • For those of you who have lost your job or are facing financial difficulties, the toll on your mental health can be devastating. The U.S. government has recognized that many people in our country are suffering from anxiety and depression who are also experiencing financial difficulties.

    In response, the government has a new guide for your mental health called, “Getting Through Tough Economic Times.”

    Now if they could only solve the unemployment problem. :>)

    Thoughts? Talk to us. We want to hear from you!

Published On: March 29, 2010