Member Medication Review: Vitamin B-12

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    How is everyone doing this fine spring day? 


    We are going to continue our member medications reviews...talking about some supplements.  We talked about Folic Acid and Deplin and this time we will be discussing Vitamin B-12.


    For anyone who suffers from depression one of the first things I would suggest you do is to go get yourself a physical and have some blood work done.


    I was doing well with taking my vitamins and then I fell off the wagon when I forgot to go buy some more.   Well it made a difference.  I had a physical and bloodwork showed that my Vitamin B-12 levels were low.  I was struggling more with depression symptoms...neurological symptoms of my MS and...had more fatigue. 

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    Here is a Psychology Today article about the merits of taking a Vitamin B-12 supplement where they say:  "Over the past several years, evidence has mounted that B vitamins-B12 and folate in particular-may ward off depression and other mental problems." 


    And furthermore if you have a Vitamin B-12 deficiency you may have these symptoms:  "The symptoms of B12 deficiency may be vague-lethargy, short attention span, reduced motivation. Extreme symptoms can range from mild confusion and irritability to hallucinations, depression, memory loss and paranoia."


    If you are a woman who experiences physical and mood problems before your period you may also want to look into Vitamin B-12 supplements.  Here is more information from Health Central on Vitamin B-12.


    Now how about you?


    1.  If you are taking a Vitamin B-12 supplement, have you noticed that it has helped your mood and physical well being? 


    2.  Did you hear from a doctor that you had a Vitamin B-12 deficiency?


    3.  If you have stopped taking Vitamin B-12 supplements what was the reason?


    Let us know what you think.  You know we love to hear from you!




Published On: April 01, 2010