Would You Feel Safe Knowing Your Pilot Takes Antidepressants?

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    How is everyone doing?  I want to take a moment to remind everyone that April is Autism Awareness Month.   I am totally aware of autism as my youngest son has this disorder.  I have written extensively about my adventures in parenting a child who has autism as well as my years of experience teaching individuals on the autism spectrum.  My son has been my teacher in all of this.  I would not trade this journey for anything.  


    Was wondering if you all could come on over to our ADHD site and read my latest post entitled, "Five Things A Parent of Autistic Child Wants You to Know."  Please help to spread awareness about this developmental disorder so that my son and other children who have autism can have a better chance of gaining understanding and acceptance in society.  Autism awareness also helps parents to be able to detect the signs of autism so that education and treatment can begin early on. 

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    So perty please come on over!  I would personally like to write more on the topic of autism so if there is an interest among members perhaps my wish will come true. (Not to mention maybe the wish fairy would grant us an autism site someday)


    And now for our question....


    The U.S. News & World Report recently reported about a big change for airplane pilots who suffer from depression and wish to take antidepressants.  The Federal Aviation Administration is now lifting the ban on pilots usage of some antidepressants including:  Celexa, Prozac, Zoloft, and Lexapro.  According to this report:  "Once pilots are on medication for a year with success in treating their depression, they can seek FAA permission to fly."


    So what do you think of this?  Do you agree with lifting the ban?  Would you feel safe knowing that your pilot is taking an antidepressant? 


    Here is one fellow, Mike Adams, who is against the lifting of the ban.


    A CNN report on the new FAA regulations prompted varied responses, some clearly for the allowance of pilots to use these antidepressants and some very opposed to it.


    What are your thoughts?  Lay it on us!

Published On: April 06, 2010