Successful Types of Talk Therapy and EMDR Therapy

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  • Howdy!


    How is everyone doing today?  Are you enjoying the spring weather? 


    I have some things to share before I ask my question. 


    Last week I was telling you that it is Autism Awareness Month and I have been writing some posts about this very important topic.  For example I just wrote about Anxiety and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  I know all about this because my son has autism and suffers from anxiety.   So please come on over to the Anxiety site to check out my post...AND


    Member Judy who you know here on My Depression Connection agreed to do an interview for me about her experience using a therapy called EMDR for the purpose of treating PTSD or trauma.  If you don't do anything else please do come over to the anxiety site to read about this groundbreaking type of therapy and how it works to help people heal from past traumas.

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    I love the spring but this weather also brings out the bugs and insects. And ticks.  Oh how I hate those things...they attach to your skin and can cause scary diseases like Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever among other things.  I thought I knew how to best get rid of ticks but I was wrong.  In doing research for my article I found one of the best ways to stop the ticks from biting.  If you want to know what I found out from our U.S. military please read my post, "The Prevention and Treatment of Tick Bites."


    Have you been hearing more about Vitamin D lately?  I know I have as I was told by my doctor that I am deficient in this very important vitamin.  A lack of Vitamin D can cause anything from depression to heart disease.  There are three ways to get this Vitamin, through diet, supplements, and the sun.  Come and read about my confusion over what my GP told me vs what my dermatologist was warning me about Vitamin D.  I could use your opinion!

  on to our QUESTION!


    My question for you today is about therapy.  Judy has found a really good therapy which helps her, EMDR. 


    Now what about you?  Have you had any type of talk therapy?  If so which kind?  Did it or does it help? 


    I really would like to know about people's experiences with therapy and what you feel works and what you feel is a waste of time.  What aspect of your therapy has helped the most?  Is it the relationship you have with your therapist or is it the method or both?


    We want to know what helps people.  Sharing your story can be the thing which helps someone else.  It is a wonderful domino help someone and then they help someone and before you know it...we are all doing much better.  There is that optimist in me!


    Hope you all are having a great Tuesday and hanging in there!



Published On: April 13, 2010