Helping Others Who Suffer From Depression

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  • Hey everyone


    I am doing my end of week check up with you...a little early as I am getting away tomorrow for a little respite.  So please do comment today or tomorrow...or your leisure.


    Wanted to share one coping tip for depression today and that is:


    Take the time to look around and help others who may also be in pain.  You may think that your pain is the worst or the that you are all alone but this is not true.  You are not special with regard to experiencing pain and hardship.  Every human being will have their share of challenges and heartbreak in their life.  But when it happens to seems that you are being targeted...that life is only cruel to you. But this is not so.

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    You may think that you have nothing to give...but this is also untrue.  You can always share your experience. 


    Take the time to reach out to someone.  Your kind words may be the only kindness someone receives today. 


    Okay...time for some questions!


    1.  On a scale of one to has your week gone so far?

    2.  What has been the best part of this week and what has been the worst?

    3.  What steps have you taken this week to improve your mood or emotional stability? 


    Talk to us!  We are listening.

Published On: April 15, 2010