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    For this week's Midweek Muse we are going to be expressing how we feel about the morning.


    I know for many of us who suffer from depression, the mornings can be a bad time of day, eliciting a sense of dread and even panic about what the day will bring.  Many of you have responded to my post about morning depression saying that your feelings of depression can be especially intense in these early hours.


    But it doesn't have to be this way.  Mornings can also be a peaceful respite, a time of inspiration, and a point of entry for light and hope.

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    Here are some of my personal memories, thoughts, and inspirations about the morning:


    One of my fondest sensory memories of my childhood was my grandmother's home.  It was small and quaint with blue morning glories which wrapped around the porch rails.  If you look through the center you can see the light shine through.  I would sit on the porch in the morning and touch the dew on the flowers.


    Have you ever gotten up very early in the morning just so you could see the sun rise?  Okay probably most of us get up early when it is still dark and it doesn't seem so special.  But I remember a time as a kid when I purposefully got up before dawn with my mother and we watched the sun rise together.  We were living in a row house in the inner city...chain link fences, brick and concrete all around.  No trees or grass to speak of.  But when we went out into the cool pre-dawn and sat outside on our concrete stoop...breathing in the morning air...I felt close to nature.  And as the sun began its slow but sure ascent...I felt a sense of security and a belonging to something bigger than myself.  That morning memory is very dear to me...I wear it like a locket...opening it when I want to feel that awe once again.


    When I was working at a day program to help folk with multiple disabilities...my actual workplace was in a church basement.  The church was cavernous and had that churchy smell...big tall windows and creaky stairs.  In one of the large rooms there was this ancient piano...usually it was untuned and the keys were yellowed.  But I loved that piano.  I would purposefully wake up an hour earlier than I needed to...get to work when nobody was there and I would play.  Badly.  But I didn't care.  There was something so special about that alone time and the feel of the keys beneath my fingers...and the early morning light pouring into the windows.  This morning time was sacred to me.


    Okay so now I have shared some of my best morning moments.  How about you?  When has the morning invoked a sense of beauty, peacefulness, or even joy for you?  Reach back as far as you need to go.  I believe everyone has some good memories somewhere.  Can you share them with us?  Or you can share an image?  Write a poem.  Write some song lyrics.  This is your chance to express yourself and how you feel.



Published On: April 21, 2010