Announcing a Technical Problem on My Depression Connection

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  • Hi guys


    I don't usually post on the weekend but I did want to touch base with you all about the tech problems we are having on the site.  Please know that I am in the dark about these problems as much as you are.  I have not been told anything about the problems nor have I been given any solutions as of yet.  And I am feeling as frustrated as you are.  I do not like that so many people are having trouble just logging into the site. 




    First of all a big thank you to both Judy and Donna for writing about D.I.D and wanted you to know that Mary is desperate to get on this site.  She wanted to expresss her thanks to you guys.  But she is unable to log in.  It seems she is having the same problem as Michel and Rosemarie. So if you are having problems logging are not alone.

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    Here is the problem as I understand it: 


    1.  When you try to comment or post you get a message that you cannot post until you are registered.  But you are already registered.


    2.  When you try to tells you that your email address is already being used by another member.  (I am wondering if this is a problem for those of us who are registered on more that one HC site.  However, some people registered on multiple sites are not experiencing this problem.)


    3.  Mary explained that she was given another screen name to use and again...she got a message saying that this name was being used by another member.  And then they ask for another email address.


    I want to apologize to anyone who is experiencing this.  In my opinion this is completely unacceptable. I am hoping that by Monday we will have some sort of answer about why this problem is continuing to happen for some of our members.


    Now...if anyone out there has any solutions they have found for this technical bug...please do tell us here so that other members may log in.


    I am at a complete loss to give any advice.  Maybe our community can help. 


    Thanks for putting up with this.  Please keep trying and coming back...I will make this my mission to get this site running well.



Published On: April 24, 2010