Can You Control Your Depression?

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    Wanted to say that I am so happy to see all the shareposts, questions, and comments and all the wonderful support.  You all are doing such a terrific job of building our community.  Just wanted to say...Keep up the good job!


    Nobody can do this alone.  We all need to lean on each other. 




    A question for discussion:


    Is there ever a time when you feel it is appropriate to "buck up" from depression?  I am sure we have all been told those words before and they can cause anger for most of us.  One can't turn on and off our moods like a light switch.  If we could we would not be depressed in the first place.  But are there life events and circumstances where you feel we should attempt to rise above our depression to take care of certain responsibilities?

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    Is this even possible or appropriate?


    This is a loaded question and I am sure we will have lots of good discussion as a consequence.




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Published On: April 27, 2010