Member Depression Treatment Review: Group Therapy

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    I am going to mix it up here.  We usually talk about antidepressants or even supplements in our Thursday Member Medication Review.  But today I thought we could talk about therapy and specifically group therapy.


    Group therapy can be a very effective and cost efficient type of therapy.  We have several articles on My Depression Connection which says that group therapy can be very effective for the teen population.


    I have to say that I have no personal experience of being in group therapy as a patient but  I have had the opportunity to run large therapy groups during my internship for social work.  I saw a lot of advantages in that members of a group will usually call you on your issues, you get lots of feedback, and you learn about how to cope from people who are going through what you are going through.  Group therapy is usually cheaper than individual therapy and it can be a great support. 

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    Disadvantages may be that you may need more time to explore personal issues than group therapy allows, you may feel uncomfortable disclosing personal information within a group, and for some sensitive souls...hearing some hard core feedback with no filters may send you spiraling back into feeling depressed. 


    So now we want to hear from you who have experienced group therapy.


    1.  How did you get introduced to group therapy?


    2.  Was it effective?  What gains did you make from being in such a group?


    3.  What was the experience like for you?  Were there any disadvantages to being in group therapy?


    4.  Did your insurance cover each session?  Was it expensive?


    5.  Would you recommend group therapy over individual therapy or do you feel both types of therapy are needed?   What types of issues are best discussed in group therapy?


    Feel free to answer any or all of the questions or just tell us about your experience. Can you explain to someone who has never been in group therapy...what it is like?


    Thanks to everyone who participates in our discussions.  It really does help to know firsthand what these experiences may be like.

Published On: April 29, 2010