Honing Your Problem Solving Skills

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  • Hi guys


    I thought I would combine two features and do a life skills exercise AND also check up to see how you all are doing.  We can make this a regular Friday thing...what do you think?


    We are going to discuss Solving Problems in this week's life skills exercise.


    For so many of us who suffer from mood disorders, it can be difficult to draw boundaries of when a problem is ours to solve or someone else's.  It is especially hard if you are a people pleaser as you want to create a peaceable kingdom if you will.  And sometimes this is crazy making behavior as you really aren't responsible for the whole world even when others are expecting you to be.

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    So let's figure out how to decide if a problem is ours or not.


    I am using a workbook entitled, "Life-Skills for Adult Children" by Janet G. Woititz and Alan Garner.  This is a book of exercises for adult children of alcoholics but I do believe the exercises can be used for anyone who suffers from a mood disorder or mental illness.


    The authors state that:  "A problem is yours when you are the person whose needs and desires are not being met."


    Here are some sample problems where you can decide if this is your problem or someone else's.


    a.  A friend's car is out of a job and needs money for rent.


    b.  Your daughter is having arguments with her boyfriend.


    c.  Your phone is not working.


    d.  Your boss wants you to do something extra for work.


    e.  Your neighbor's dog barking is keeping you awake.


    f.  A fellow member of your depression support group is fighting with another member.


    Which of these would be YOUR problem and which would be considered someone's else's problem?




    And now for your weekly mental health check up!


    1.  On a scale of 1-10...how are you doing this week with one being the worst ever and ten being the best ever?


    2.  What was the best and worst parts of the week for you?


    3.  What steps have you taken this week to improve your mental health?


    Listen...we care about you!  We want you do do well.  So please share how you are doing with us here.  We can provide support as we are all coping with depression too.


    I do hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Published On: April 30, 2010