Chatting about How to Cope with Your Depression

Merely Me Health Guide
  • Hey everybody!


    Okay we are going to do is.


    We have a brand new application which will make our chats flow a little easier.  It seems easy enough even for me (I am not the most technical gal in the world). 


    Here is the information you will need.  On Tuesday May 4th you will follow this link to our live chat.  As a matter of fact, you can go there now to check it out but nobody will be there until...


    2:00 PM Standard Eastern Time tomorrow and again at 7:00 PM.  The chats will last about two hours each. 


    The Topics:


    1.  What do you do to cope with your depression and stay mentally well?  What works for you?  You are the experts here!  We will create a big list to share with others.

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    2.  Has anything positive resulted from your journey through depression?  Are there any silver linings?  I was actually asked this on the Dr. Oz show when I was a guest.  I will share my answer with you tomorrow!


    3.  Anything you want to talk about within the realm of mental health.


    Sound good? 


    I hope to see you all there!


    PS...don't answer these questions now...wait for the chat.



Published On: May 03, 2010