Stories of Acts of Kindness to Restore Hope

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    You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.
    Mahatma Gandhi


    Sometimes when you are depressed it is easy to lose faith in humanity.  When the whole world seems like a giant cesspool one can quickly become cynical and wonder what has happened to kindness, integrity, and a general sense of good. There seem to be so many ways that this lost faith is validated in what we see on the news or even in our own backyard.  


    But then maybe you hear a story or you witness an act of kindess or see someone doing the right thing despite the personal cost to them...and your faith  is restored.

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    I thought it might beneficial to highlight the good this evening. 


    Tell me something good.


    I think it nourishes the spirit to focus upon ways in which people are good and help each other and do courageous things. 


    So if you have any of the following to share please do so now:


    • A personal act of kindness that you have witnessed... no matter how small.

    • A link to a news story about people helping other people.

    • A story of personal sacrifice in order to benefit someone else with no gain to themselves.

    • A story of someone's courage to do the right thing.

    So much emphasis is upon the bad stuff...and bad people.  We need to remind ourselves that there still is good in the world and there is.  We just need to see and hear the examples of it to restore our faith in humanity.


    Thank you to everyone who participates in our weekly discussions.



Published On: May 18, 2010