Depression and Making Friends: Is it More Difficult?

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    Is it Tuesday already?  Why yes it is and that means it is time for a question of the week!


    Let's talk about friendships.


    Is making or keeping friends difficult for you due to your depression?  If so how?  What sort of qualities do you look for in a friend?  And finally how have you tried to meet new people and make new friends?




    Next Up...How about some Links?


    • Did you know that children and teens can get osteoporosis?  I sure didn't.  Pamela Flores over on the Osteoporosis site did a fabulous interview recently with a Dr. Catherine Gordon about this very topic.  It seems that girls can have skeletal loss especially if they also have conditions like anorexia nervosa, cystic fibrosis, inflammatory bowel disease, and vitamin D deficiency.  So this interview is definitely something you want to check out.

    • I know that a lot of us over here on My Depression Connection also suffer from anxiety.  But are you doing anything about it?  Just as there is for depression, there is help and treatment for anxiety.  Learn how to recognize the signs of anxiety that you should not ignore.

    • If you have a child with ADHD you may notice that they are not able to cope with stress very well.  There may be a biological reason for this.  Please visit the ADHD site and read my post, "How Stress Affects Your ADHD Child" to find out about what brain scans reveal about ADHD and stress as well as how to help your child cope with stress and anxiety.

    • Do you know if you are at risk for skin cancer?  Come to Skin Cancer Connection to find out what your skin cancer risks are.

    • Memorial Day weekend is coming up for those of us here in the states.  It is a time for picnics and outdoor fun but it may unfortunately also be a time for sunburn and sun poisoning.  We want to help prevent you getting fried in the sun.  So please read "What you Need to Know about Sun Poisoning."

      And now for something completely different...

      We wanted to give you guys a chance to show off your writing abilities and share your personal experiences with others. 

      Each week I will provide a theme related to our question of the week and what I want you to do is to write a sharepost based upon that theme.  If you have never written a sharepost before, don't be shy.  I would personally love to see more members writing posts as it builds our community. 

      What do you get out of this?  Writing posts brings comments and also support.  Writing and sharing our experiences can also reduce the stigma of mental illness as more people come to understand, "Hey I am not alone in this." 

      In addition I will highlight special posts by members here and maybe (I will ask my producer about this) we can get some member posts on the front page of the depression site or Health Central.

      The theme for this week is FRIENDSHIP.  Write a sharepost about any aspect of dealing with depression and friendships. 

      You know we love to hear from YOU!  You are the experts here.


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Published On: May 25, 2010