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  • Hello everybody. 


    We have been doing a Member Medication Review for many Thursdays now where we focus upon an antidepressant, anti-anxiety medication or a supplement related to alleviating the symptoms of depression and/or anxiety.  Most of the questions we do get here on My Depression Connection are medication related.  This is a topic which is important to many members who are seeking information, resources and also support about the medication they are taking.


    The best person to discuss the medications you are taking is, of course, your doctor especially if it is the doctor who has prescribed the medication in the first place.  They have the medical knowledge and expertise to know about drug interactions and side effects and they also know a lot about you and your medical history.  The second best person to ask questions about medications is your pharmacist.  They will be able to tell you things about dosage and which medications and supplements will interact and cause you problems.

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    So as an additional reference you can obtain information here on Health Central about your meds but it bears repeating that we cannot replace your doctor's guidance and advice. 


    I think it is important for anyone taking medications and/or supplements to do research to find out as much as you can about the product you are taking.  It can also be very helpful to read about the experiences of others who are taking a particular medication.  Sometimes there are "rare" side effects of meds which you may find out about from other patients.  Please always bear in mind that what works for one individual may not work for you.  And likewise just because one member had a horrific experience with a certain medication does not mean that you will too.  We are all different with a different body chemistry.


    Now after that long preface...wanted to ask you all to look over these past member medication reviews and tell me if we have missed anything.  Are there meds or supplements you want to be able to review?

    And I am also going to ask you if you are taking any of the medications listed below that you write a comment for that post describing your experience and answering the questions asked in the post.  You will be helping so many others who want to know what that firsthand experience can be like.


    So without futher verbage...I present to you...a list of all our Member Medication Reviews thus far:





    Folic Acid or Deplin







    St. John's Wort

    Vitamin B-12





    We have not done a member medication review on SAM-e, which is the supplement I am taking to help me with my depression but I have written about my experience and you may find my post here:


    "My Experience Taking SAM-e"



    Thanks to everyone who participates in our discussions here about medications and everything else!





Published On: May 27, 2010