Listing Simple Life Pleasures Helps Depression

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  • Hey everyone!


    I am posting early today so I can have time to do my other work and to give you a chance to respond earlier.  I feel good today...productive...and I am relishing it.  One never knows how long such moods last.


    Before I forget...wanted to let you know about a great interview I had with a neurologist, Dr. Nitin Sethi, who answered my questions about the affect that anxiety has upon a variety of medical conditions.  You may view my interview on Anxiety Connection.


    Life skills exercise:  Increasing Simple Pleasures


    This will be a fun exercise I promise.  One of the things that happens to us depressed folk is that we sometimes forget to engage in fun activities.  Why?  Because we have lost interest, we think we don't have time, we feel we don't deserve to enjoy ourselves, or we have forgotten what our simple pleasures are.

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    Well I am here to remind you today.  Yes it is still possible to enjoy your life but you have to take those first steps to try. 


    1.  Make a list of ten simple pleasures...they absolutely don't have to be big huge time consuming or costly events.  The focus is on simple and easy.  If nothing seems enjoyable to you right now...think of a time when you did enjoy some activities....maybe even as a child.  What did you love doing?


    Still need help?  I will generate a list to choose from:


    • Taking pictures
    • Blowing bubbles
    • Watching an old favorite movie
    • Reading a magazine from your stack of unread magazines.
    • Doing a crossword puzzle.
    • Knitting or crocheting
    • Gardening (you don't even need a garden...just a pot and some soil and some seeds and a little sun)
    • Cooking or baking
    • woodworking
    • Paint by numbers
    • Looking at old photos
    • Playing an instrument
    • Volunteering
    • Looking at art
    • Going to a museum
    • Going to a used book store
    • Drinking tea
    • People watching
    • Bird watching
    • Listening to a book on CD
    • Organizing your music
    • Doing a puzzle

    Okay you get the gist.  Maybe you don't want to do anything.  But how about doing nothing in a different place.  Go sit outside and do nothing.  Do nothing by a lake. Do nothing in the sunniest corner of your house.  Just get up and move yourself from where you are. 


    So write down your ten simple pleasures...and please share them here.  And then go down your list and do them.  Even if it is for a minute.  See what works best to give you a little lift.  And tell us how it goes.


    I hereby grant you permission to have fun.  It is okay.  And you deserve it!


    Now let's wrap up the week with a little mental health check up.


    1.  On a scale of one to has your week been?

    2.  Are you doing anything fun this weekend or for memorial day?

    3.  What is one thing you are proud of yourself about?

    4.  List your ten pleasures and tell me you are going to do at least one of these things on the list this weekend.


    I hope you all have a good weekend.  I am going to see not one but two movies!  I am going to see Sex in the City 2 and Prince of Persia.  Movies are definitely one of my simple pleasures. 


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    Can't wait to read your lists!


Published On: May 28, 2010