Member Medication Review: Effexor Withdrawal

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  • Hello everybody!


    We have been discussing medications every Thursday for some time and one of the most discussed medications has to be Effexor.  Most people who want to know about Effexor wish to know about Effexor withdrawals. 


    I wanted to give members all the information we have about Effexor withdrawals and also ask for any new feedback and information you can give for people who are ceasing to take Effexor and what they may expect in terms of withdrawal symptoms.


    Here is our page about Effexor withdrawals


    If you want the patient firsthand experience this question about Effexor withdrawals garnished over one hundred comments and is still going strong.

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    And here, member Rosemarie talks about her personal experience weaning from Effexor and gives hope to others who are wanting to do the same thing.


    And now we would love to hear your stories about any withdrawal symptoms from ceasing to take Effexor.  Your comments may be the thing which helps someone to survive the side effects of stopping Effexor.


    Please share here!  We want to hear from you.

Published On: June 03, 2010