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    Hey everyone


    I have been thinking about what makes our community so special here on My Depression Connection.  And it is definitely you guys.  Your kindness, compassion, honesty, supportiveness, tolerance, and hard earned wisdom makes a huge difference.  Depression isn't easy that is for sure.  It isn't easy for people who suffer from it and it also isn't easy for loved ones and caregivers. 


    But community can help. 


    Some of the very best wisdom and insights come out in the comments here.  I am going to highlight just a few member comments of so many that I have seen which were either beautiful to read (inspirational) or filled with practical hands on suggestions one could use in their day to day life.  Wish I could post all of them but for brevity sake I will include just a couple. 

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    But before I question for you this week is:  Have you read a comment here on My Depression Connection which really stood out for you?  Was there a comment which gave you a new understanding about depression or helped you you to deal with your own depression?  Let us know because we definitely want to point out those comments which inspire and help.


    Inspirational Comment:


    This comment came from member Donna in response to Sara who had just lost the love of her life.  I am sure we have all been there to grieve over a romantic relationship gone bad.  Donna gives advice but also shares her story and I just found it to be...a beautifully written comment which could potentially help anyone going through this situation.


    "Losing love is always a tragedy. Love sustains us, frees us, makes us feel alive and it is precious. And when it is gone, there is grief. Give it all the time you need. At any age, at any stage of life, such a loss is difficult. Don't let anyone say, "Oh, you are young. You'll find someone else." Don't let them denigrate his memory. I'm trying to think of something that might help you. Do something to honor the memory of his being with you. Give to his favorite charity. Make a framed memory box of mementoes of your time together and hang it in your bedroom, or make a scrapbook with pictures of the two of you, or write a fictionalized love story about how your lives entertwined. Remember the good things about love, the good memories, the color of his eyes as he looked into yours, the touch of his hand, a special time together. True love is wonderful for whatever time you have it -- no one can take that away from you.


    I have a lost love. I remember when we lived in a small town and did everything together. I remember the day after there was a big rainstorm and we drove out to the waterfalls where the run-off went. Under one of the falls was a cave, back behind the water. We darted through the water and cuddled in the damp cave, and the rest of the world was far away. I will never forget it. Then it was our relationship that became stormy and dangerous, and I had to leave. I thought I would never revive from the shock, never survive the loss. But I have. I am at peace. I know you will find that kind of peace, too. It just takes time and courage."


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     A soulful comment:


    We always try to encourage folk to express themselves with writing or poetry and member Anne 1123 wrote a beautiful poem called "Spirituality" which was really touching.  She wrote it in response to a post I wrote called "Heal from Depression by Feeding Your Soul."




    Spirit is a light that shines;
    When the soul is dark and lonely.
    Spirit is a sense that you are not alone,
    That someone's there to guide you.
    Spirit is a force called love,
    Enduring when all else fails you.
    Spirit is a smile that shares,
    With those who do not know you.
    Spirit is a wave that breaks Upon the shores,
    under a moon that shines and lights the darkness.
    Spirit is a hand that reaches out,
    To meet you and greet you,
    And welcome you to the human family.
    Spirit connects does not disrupt.
    Spirit is you and me alone and together.


    As I have said...there have been so many great comments.  Actually I have been sitting here trying to find some of them that I wanted to save...but of course now I am having trouble locating them.  I will start saving them from now on.  There was some really good ones from Lyra, and Gina, and Judy... and so many others and darn if I can find them now. 


    Was thinking of making this a regular feature...of sharing some of the best comments which have helped people here on this site.


    Thanks to everyone who does participate on this site.  We love to hear from you.  This is what makes a community come alive participation.  So if you have never commented before...please do.  We want to hear your voice.






Published On: June 08, 2010