Using Gardening as a tool to treat Depression

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    Hey everybody!


    Before I ask my question I just want to say how proud I am of this community.  In the past week I have seen some wonderful community responses, interactions, and support of one another.  This is more than I could have hoped for.  Everybody here has something going on...and our own individual struggles...but regardless of your own guys are reaching out to extend a hand to one another.  It is really inspiring to see.  And...I LOVE all the Shareposts!  Keep going with that.  You never know...something you say here could be just the thing that another member who is struggling...needs to hear.

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    I am so happy to see all the honesty, positivity, and compassion here.  Keep it up!





    Who here has a garden?  The thing about gardening is that anyone can have one.  It is possible to have a "garden" in pots on your front porch or deck or windowsill.  All you need is a little sun, some soil, and water and you can grow something.  I believe that gardens are good for the soul and a natural antidepressant. 


    My question today is twofold. 


    1.  If you have a physical garden what are you growing this year?   I am growing basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages, green beans, eggplant, hot peppers, regular peppers, and zuchinni.


    2.  What do you wish to grow in your emotional, spiritual and life garden?  For example do you want to grow more peacefulness, love, tranquility, wisdom, etc?  What aspects of your life do you wish to nurture and grow?


    And now for some links!


    • Father's Day is coming up and on our ADHD site I have gathered up some cool resources for fathers who have a child with ADHD.  Stop on by to check it out.
    • You know smoking is bad for you right?  But did you also know that smoking is linked with depression?  And that secondhand smoke may also adversely affect your mental health?  If you have missed it check out my previous post on My Depression Connection about the link between passive smoke and your mental health.
    • I wrote more about the effects of smoking on mental health over on the anxiety site with my post, "Can Smoking Cause Anxiety?"  The answer, by the way, is yes.  You can read about the correlation between smoking and anxiety symptoms and disorders...especially panic attacks on Anxiety Connection.

    • Do you see a theme here?  Not only does smoking harm your mental health, it can also harm the health of your skin.  I write about the aging effects of smoking on the skin on My Skin Care Connection.  Not only does smoking prematurely age the skin but it can also increase your risk for psoriasis and certain types of skin cancer.
    • If you are a smoker and need help to quit smoking Health Central is here to help you with information, resources and support.  You don't have to do this alone!  You can start by reading the articles on our Stop Smoking Basics Guide.

    I hope you all are hanging in there this fine Tuesday.  Keep on keeping on.  We love hearing from you.




Published On: June 15, 2010