What Would You Do If You Didn't Suffer From Depression

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  • Hi everybody!


    It is Friday and how are you?


    One thing I want to tell you is that I will not be around until next Thursday.  I will be going to a conference and I am on a panel of what some people call us...e-patients. It will be an adventure!  But of course...with my anxious tendencies...I am nervous.


    I feel like a mom here leaving the kids at home.  Dont' talk to spammers!  Be kind to one another.  Don't let anyone bully you.  Take care of the site and please remember that someone cares.  I care. 


    More and more I am understanding that I am naive.  I am in a world where it seems everyone has an agenda.  But I want you to know...I want to be here.  I am not being paid for this post.  I am not here to sell a book.  I am not here for my ego.  I am not here to make money being some face of a pharma product.  I am not here for some career.  I am here because...there have been so many times in my life that I wished someone was out there to talk to.  I have wished that...I wish that someone cared.  And maybe you are a stranger to me.  Maybe we will never speak.  But...yeah I do care.  I care about the people out there who are suffering and wondering...why bother to keep going?

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    I...want you to keep going.


    You know why?


    Because it keeps me going.


    I hear your stories and it gives me such inspiration.  It reminds me that...anything is possible. 


    Sorry for the mush.  I am just a marshmallow today.  It happens!


    Life Skills Exercise:


    In our depression we sometimes think about what we could do if we didn't suffer from depression.


    1.  Finish this sentence:  If I weren't depressed I would....?  What would you do?  And why can't you do this?  Maybe we can help you to overcome your emotional obstacles.

    2.  How was this week for you on a scale of one to ten?

    3.  What was the best and worst thing about this week?

    4.  What have you done for your mental health this week?  Has anything helped?


    I know life is hard.  Some days you wake up and you wonder, "Why am I here?"  Maybe...today...it is to be on this site and say something which will help someone else.  It is a reason.  And a good one.


    See you soon!  Have a great weekend everyone.

Published On: June 18, 2010