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  • Hey everybody


    So what's happening in your world? Are you guys hanging in there?


    I have a little stress survey for you.  These questions come from a book called, "The Anxiety and Depression Workbook for Dummies" written by Charles H. Elliot and Laura L. Smith.  I just love these books for dummies series. 


    See if any of the following apply to you and score yourself a point for each one you say yes to.


    1.  In the past year or so, have you lost anyone you care about through death, divorce or prolonged separation?


    2.  Have you suffered from any serious physical injury or illness?

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    3.  Are you having any financial difficulties?  Or have you made any major purchases lately such as a car or house?


    4.  Are you having arguments or conflicts with anyone?


    5.  Are you having problems at work?


    6.  Have you made any major changes in your life like getting married, retiring, a new job, a new relationship, etc.


    7.  Are you a caretaker for a parent or a child?


    8.  Do you have any daily stress from long commute, loud noises, bad living conditions?


    I will add a couple of my own to this survey...


    9.  Do you lack support from your family?


    10.  Are you having trouble finding a therapist or mental health services when you need them?


    Okay so out of these ten...how many did you check off as a yes?


    We know that stress greatly adds to the risk for increased feelings of depression.  So it is good to indentify the sources of our stress.


    Now I want to hear about your week. 


    *  On a scale of 1-10 how has your week been? 


    *  What did you do this week to be kind to yourself?  If you haven't done anything yet I want you to do something this weekend.


    *  Is there anything which is working for you to help with your depression this week?


    I am very happy to be back and to read all of your wonderful posts.  I do hope you have a good weekend.  This weekend I am going to see the latest Shrek movie.  Are you doing anything fun?  Tell us what is going on...you know we love to hear from you.



Published On: June 25, 2010