Coping When Things In Your Life are Confusing

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    Aye yi yi!


    Oy Gevalt!


    and Holy Pastrami Batman!


    Seriously...what has become of the sites?  We have MS articles on the depression site, and anxiety articles not on the anxiety site and ADHD posts on anxiety and skin cancer posts on I am getting confused!  Who am I?  Whose on first?  WHO is on first. 


    I need some sort of mantra for such chaos. 


    My question for you is: 


    How many tech people does it take to screw in a lightbulb...okay just kidding.


    Now all my images will have mustaches or a target on them.  (as if they didn't already). 

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    How do you stay sane when everything around you is in chaos or confusion?  In other words how do you not stress out when things are not exactly orderly in your life? 


    See...I can make a life lesson out of any event.


    I will tell you my coping mechanism for staying sane is...HUMOR.  really bad humor.  It keeps me afloat my peeps.


    How about you?


    And now for something completely different...


    It is time for the proclamation of links. 


    If anyone can actually find these articles bonus points will be awarded.


    • Anxious Personalities:  Which Type are You?    In case you are wondering  I am all three.
    • Ever wonder if adults can have separation anxiety?  Well they can.  Come on over and read all about it.  I wrote this article because it was one of the most popular questions on the anxiety site with someone asking if separation anxiety can be experienced by adults.  Many members could relate.
    • Do you have a child or family member who suffers from hyperactivity?  You are not alone.  I discuss how to help the child who is hyperactive in my latest ADHD post.  
    • My newest post on the anxiety site is about the top ten stressful life events which predict whether or not you will develop a medical or mental illness.  Stop on over to share your list of life events which cause you the most stress.

    Okey dokey...I sure hope this post goes where it is supposed to.  It is kind of exciting to wonder where it will end up.  Anxiety?  ADHD? Kansas?  Whoever finds this post please comment!



Published On: June 29, 2010