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  • Hot enough for ya?


    This summer seems endless doesn't it? Not sure about anyone else but I am ready for Fall. I thought it might be good to post something to get our minds off the heat and our depression. It isn't healthy to think about depression all the time. It is good to talk of other things.


    So how about some mindful distraction? Yes I did say "mindful" because distraction can be a very good thing. It is far from mindless when we consciously intend to think of other things than our troubles and woes. So take a summer time break with me.


    First get yourself something cool to drink. Ice-tea anyone?

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    Come and sit on the back porch.





    How about some music? 


    For all of you who have been waiting for me to post...this one's for you!


    This is an oldie but a goody.  I found an extended live version of Sam and Dave singing. "Hold on-I'm coming."  Wish I could dance like that.


    Do you like cheesecake? 


    I found this old video with Louis Armstrong singing about cheesecake.  You can't help but smile when you see this.  Gobble gobble cheesecake!


    Let's talk about all the places we have been and even places we have never been to but would like to someday.


    How about visiting the Louvre?  We can go!  Did you know that you can see all the magnificent artwork and paintings right from here?  There is a virtual tour of the Louvre.  Let's go! 


    Let's remember good times and happy memories.  How about the last summer of childhood?  I can still remember mine...


    I was nearly twelve and still a kid.  It was the time of playing outside until the street lights came on. Endless games of kick ball, hide and go seek and freeze tag. If you did manage to stay out past dark...oh what a sense of freedom! To feel that cool night air punctuated by the blinking lights of fireflies. Sitting on a porch with a friend. Your hand is cooled by holding a Bugs Bunny glass of cherry kool-aid over ice. You end up talking for hours about everything and nothing at all.  You laugh until your belly hurts and tears roll out of your eyes. There are sleep overs in your friend's attic...you hear the sounds of a baseball game on a small transitor radio... the radio announcer's voice trails off into the distance of your consciousness. A summer sleep followed, sticky and full of mosquitoes frantically buzzing against the window screen. The moon's pale light seeps through the open window...illuminating dreams.


    I hope this helps some.  A little mindful distraction.  We all need it from time to time. 


    Feel free to add to this summer time interlude...



Published On: July 22, 2010