Listen to Your Body's Signs When Treating Depression

Merely Me Health Guide
  • Hi everybody


    How's it going?


    I went to the docs today as I have been having this pain on my right side.  Going to get a sonogram but we are thinking it is my gallbladder.  Anybody have experience with gallbladder pain?  I really need to start eating healthy.  No more fatty foods, greasy foods or spicy foods.  Carrots anyone? My body is telling me to stop eating junk but I just haven't been listening.


    My question for you today is:


    What has your body been telling you that you have been ignoring?


    And now I want to hear about your week...


    1.  What has worked for you this week?  Have you made any discoveries about what helps your mood?

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    2.  What is absolutely not working for you?  What needs to be changed in your life right now?


    3.  What are you thankful for this week?



    That's about it.  I am dreaming of the donuts and chinese food I won't be eating.  Time to get healthy.

Published On: July 23, 2010