Talking About Depression - When Others Tell You To "Stay Positive"

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  • Hello all!


    Sorry to be neglectful lately.  Been dealing with a medical issue.  I know I had spoken before about my gallbladder.  Just had a sonogram today.  Oh when she pressed down on that spot it hurt like the dickens.  I really don't like going for tests and to see doctors but it has to be done.  I am a big chicken but I "bucked up" for it...get it?  Okay that doesn't really qualify as a joke but hey I tried.  Thanks to everyone who gave advice on this.  We will see what happens next.  I am relatively new to gallbladder problems.  All these organs where something can go wrong.  It is a little scary.  Thank goodness the gallbladder is an organ which we really don't need.

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    Now...on with the show!


    Didn't get to give you guys a question of the week yesterday so I am making up for it today.


    Do you find that when you talk about any physical or mental conditions that there is a tendency for others to use the word "positive" in response?  I have found this when I tell people that I was diagnosed with MS.  I will sometimes get the verbal response of, "Well stay positive."  Is having an illness mean that you are not positive and have to be super positive to break even?  And then there are the more rare instances that I might divulge that I suffer from depression.  Oh boy...then the "positivity" folk have a field day.  I always wonder what that means to the person...does it mean...don't bother me...unless you tell me something good?  I hear that cancer patients have it the worst with regard to this...that they are often told things like visualize their cancer away...or think positive thoughts.  The whole thing makes me want to upchuck my cookies.


    My question for you today is:  Do you get irked by people telling you to be positive?  Do you think depression sufferers get this type of counsel more than others?  How do you respond to the "positivity police" who push pleasant feelings down your throat?  Or do you think this is genuinely good advice for anyone who has a medical or mental disorder?


    Tell us what you think and don't hold back!

Published On: July 28, 2010