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    Hi all


    We have made it to Tuesday how about that?


    It is just my general analysis but it does seem that many of here are in a bit of a funk.  I know I am.  I was thinking that if you are not feeling good and if you cannot find any good in life right pretty much have to create that good for yourself.  Waiting to feel better...waiting for good things to magically may be waiting a long time.  Which brings me to our question of the week which is:


    What good things do you wish to create in your life?  How will you invite joy into your life?  How will you up the ante for good opportunities to happen? 

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    Wanted to also pass along a link to my latest posts on Anxiety Connection called, 'Is your Anxiety Turning You Into a Control Freak?"  I always love to see you guys come and visit.


    On a personal note one thing that has been helping my mood is something really simple.  I know if I take my supplements that I do feel better but I am not always compliant about taking what I need to take.  So I went and bought a pill that has the days of the week for each compartment.  This way I load up the compartments and it is a visual reminder of what I need to take.  I bought mine at Target in the pharma section for a few bucks.  Anything which makes it easier to get things done...which can help so beneficial.


    On a second personal note...sorry for being self indulgent here but I could use some advice.  My son who has autism had developed a complete aversion to...the use of the turn signal in the car.  It simply makes him go wild with kicking and thrashing and out of control behavior when we use it.  Of course we have to use the turn signal for safety.  This is a new one on me.  It may be the repetetive sound as the cause.  Has anyone ever heard of something like this and if you have any suggestions about what can be done? I would appreciate any and all advice.


    Hope everybody is hanging in there this week.  Know that you can always lean on us here.  That's what friends are for.

Published On: August 03, 2010