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  • Hey all of you!


    My question today is about being "foggy". You know what I mean? That feeling of not being all there, difficulty concentrating, forgetful, having trouble focusing enough to get anything done. That has been me for several days now. Chores or projects that normally take me a short amount of time to accomplish are taking me days or else are simply not getting done.


    There are a lot of possible reasons for someone to feel this way. One reason can be sleep problems. Another is ADHD. Still yet another source of cognitive fogginess can be Multiple Sclerosis. (I am thinking that this is the cause of my mental fog recently). But another reason for problems with concentrating and thinking can be depression. I know from experience that it is extremely difficult to form cohesive thoughts when you are suffering from depression.

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    My question today is:  How do you all cope with mental fog or difficulty with concentration, focus, and productivity when you are depressed? Does anything help? 


    If caffeine is one of your methods to regain alertness and focus you may want to rethink this strategy. I just wrote a piece about how caffeine can induce anxiety attacks on our anxiety site that you may want to read. Did you know that there are four different psychiatric diagnoses in the DSM related to caffeine. I didn't either until I did research for my article. So all you coffee and soda pop drinkers come on over and let me know what you think.


    As I mentioned, ADHD can be one reason for mental fog and innatention. If you are an adult having problems concentrating, ADHD may be a possibility. Just found out that as many as 80% of adults having ADHD don't even know they have it because they have not been officially diagnosed yet. How about that? To find out more please read my newest ADHD post, "Ten Things You May Not Know About ADHD."


    Just catching up here. I will be stopping by to read your comments, answer your questions, and read your shareposts. I may be slow but I do care. So hold on, I am coming.


    Hope you are surviving this week so far. Hang in there. Friday is on its way.

Published On: August 10, 2010