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  • Hey everybody

    A transition is soon upon us when the seasons will change for some of us from summer to Fall. And too September is back to school time when all the kids go back to school. At this juncture I felt it might be a good idea to check in with all of you about what you would like to see on My Depression Connection.

    1. Are there any topics within the realm of mental health that you would like to see more site information or resources? Are there any topics of discussion you would like to explore?

    2. Which features do you especially like? Which of these do you enjoy the most?

    * Personal experience stories

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    * Depression news

    * Chat sessions


    * The Midweek Muse (where we use creative expression to explore a topic or theme)

    * Interviews with people who have depression or specialists including doctors or psychiatrists

    * The Question of the Week

    * Member Medication Review

    * Debates

    * Life Skills Exercise and Weekly Wrap Up

    * Videos

    3. I would love to grow this community and would like ideas as to how we can spread the word about My Depression Connection. Have any ideas of how we can let others know about the site?

    4. We also love when you guys write shareposts. Are there any ways to get more members to write about their experiences, share comments, or answer questions?

    5. Any other feedback about the site, the content, organization of the site, tech issues, or anything that is on your mind...let me know here.

    Remember that this is YOUR community and as such...we want to hear your input as to what is of most value to you and also what you would like to see in the future on the site.

    Thanks ahead of time for your input!


    I also wanted to share some links with you of some new content on other Health Central sites:

    * If you have a child with ADHD, other issues may go with this disorder such as speech and language problems. In addition there has been some research to show that some children who stutter also have ADHD. For more information please read my post, "ADHD and Stuttering."

    * On the Anxiety site I have been writing about caffeine lately. Did you know that caffeine can be a trigger for anxiety and even induce panic attacks for some? True. So this week I wrote about how to quit caffeine if you are one of those folks who suffers from adverse effects from consuming too much caffeine.

    * Okay so everybody knows to slather on the sunscreen in order to prevent skin damage from the sun. But are there other ways to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer caused by too much exposure to the sun? There sure are. In this post I discuss five easy ways to protect your skin from the sun.

    * I am sure everyone has had the experience of developing an unexplained rash. But did you know that sometimes a rash is a sign of a potentially fatal disease or medical condition? In this post I discuss three rashes which you should not ignore.



    Hope everybody is having a good Thursday! Just think...Friday is almost here. Looking forward to hearing from all of you.





Published On: August 19, 2010