How Friends and Relatives Can Help Comfort You

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    One theme that I hear from people who suffer from mood disorders including depression is that of being fed up with pop psychology and cliches. Nobody wants to hear "pick yourself up by the boot straps" or "there is always tomorrow" or "choose to be happy." 


    So my question for you today is: What do you want to hear from loved ones or friends who are trying to provide comfort and inspiration? Quite often we are left with only words to help. Which words help you the most? Has there been anyone in your life who said the "right" things and what did they say? 

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    In additon, wanted to also share a couple of links with you.


    • Have you ever heard of "onionmania"?  Let me tell you that it has nothing to do with an excitement over onions.  It means "shopping addiction" and some estimates say it affects up 6% of the population.  Some of the individuals who have an addiction to shopping also suffer from ADHD.  To find out more please read my newest post, "ADHD and Shopping Addiction."
    • Do you tend to worry about the same things over and over.  Do you constantly replay conversations in your head and mull over what you could have, should have said?  Do you lose sleep because you cannot control your anxious thoughts.  You may have a problem with ruminating which can be a symptom of an anxiety disorder.  For more information you can read my newest anxiety post, "How to Stop Ruminating."

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Published On: August 24, 2010