Coping With Life Stressors When You Have Depression

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  • Hey everybody


    You know I am always honest with you guys.  I am currently battling some depression here.  I feel my depressions are always part biological and part life stressors.  That is the thing about depression, it does not occur in vaccum.  There are always life events going on which can tip the balance. 


    My question for you is:  What life stressors tip the balance for you in exacerbating feelings of depression?  How do you deal with these stressors when you are already battling depression?


    No matter what you are going through, I want you to know that you are not alone.  We are all dealing with our own stuff but when we reach out to each other, the garbage heap doesn't seem so high. 

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    Thank you for being a support to one another and to me too.  It all helps.

Published On: August 31, 2010