Signs of Depression in Photographs

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  • One of the first post I had written for My Depression Connection was "What it Feels Like to Be Depressed" and it was about looking at old photos and seeing my mood disorder captured on film. 


    For example, here is a photo from my high school yearbook. I didn't know I was having my photo taken and I was very surprised to see the expression on my face when I finally saw the picture. 





    I was mortified to say the least.  I really didn't know that I was looking so sad. 


    They say you can capture mental illness or other disorders in photos.  It may be true.  After my youngest son was diagnosed with autism I looked back at his photos and could actually see some of the the signs of autism in his photos. 

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    How about you?  When you look back at your photos can you see your mood disorder?  Or did you hide it even from the camera?


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    Hope you all are having a good Thursday.  Looking forward to hearing how you are doing.  Please don't hesitate to share with us. 



Published On: September 02, 2010