Gaining Perspective When You Have Depression

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  • Hello everyone Well we made it. It is Friday. This week has been a humdinger for me. I feel as though I have traversed the map of mental states. I have been up...I have been really down and now...finally I am feeling even keeled. Sometimes emotions are like runaway is hard to get ahold of them and slow down the process.


    Our life skills exercise today will be about gaining perspective. When you are feeling depressed it is very hard to get a realistic view of what is really happening in our world. We tend to place all sorts of emotional labels on events which may be skewed. We may also try to lump everything into the big pot of bad feelings and proceed to stir it up until we cannot separate the good from the bad. However, once time has passed and we are out of our funk we can see those events from a more objective distance.

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    Your exercise for today is to take a life event and compare your perspective of it from when you are depressed and from your perspective when you are no longer feeling so bad. Is there a big difference between how you saw this life circumstance or event?


    For example, in dealing with adjusting medications, during my depression I think things like, "This is never going to work out" or "Nothing is going to help." I take any setback as validation that nothing will work. But if I look at this event in hindsight I realize that I had too high of expectations and did not have a realistic view that things take time to get better and it is all a process. No situation gets better in one day. I also totally forget that if one thing does not work out, there are always other options. These things are very hard to remember when you are feeling depressed.


    Now it is your turn. Can you think of a life event where you had two different views of the situation depending upon your mood?


    Now let's assess your week.


    1. On a scaled of would you rate your mood this week?


    2. What was the best part of this week? And the worst?


    3. How have you been coping with your current life challenges?


    Wanted to thank you all for all the support, care, and compassion you give to each other. Our community is getting stronger and stronger. It is really wonderful to see.


    Hope you all have a great three day weekend. I will be back on Monday sometime to post. Be kind to yourself this weekend. You deserve it.

Published On: September 03, 2010